• Beck
  • Beck studied the performance arts at Dailian Art College. Unfortunately, Beck had a nasal condition called rhinitis which led him to have multiple surgeries and ultimately, Beck had to give up his previous dream. From the first moment his feet gently touched a yoga mat in 2007, he was unable to control falling in love with this physical, mental, and spiritual practice. When Beck started devotedly practicing yoga in 2010, he found that the breathing exercises done had improved his nasal health. From then on he knew made the decision to carry on in the path of yoga.

    • RYT 320 hours yoga teacher training
    • Practicing yoga with Duncan Wong, Matej Jurenka

    Specialty: Flow, Yin

  • Jason
  • Formerly an aviation industry employee, Jason’s yoga practice began in 2005. After 10 years of hard work, Jason’s dedication and commitment to yoga through continuous learning and improving his practice has shaped him into a very experienced yoga instructor. In 2008, Jason became a student of world-famous Ashtanga instructor John Scott, studying traditional Ashtanga practice and teaching.

    – 200 hours Anusara training with Lois Nesbitt
    – In 2012 became China’s first internationally certified Anusara Yoga instructor
    – 100 hours training with Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein
    – In 2014 completed John Scott’s first Ashtanga 200 hour training

    Specialty: Anusara, Flow, Ashtanga

  • Lila
  • It was a beautiful accident when Lila came across yoga as a Business Management university student. From that moment on, she fully immersed herself into learning and teaching yoga. Lila’s classes are strictly based on muscle anatomy movement principles, and she always pays careful attention to controlling the rhythm of breathing.

    • Practicing yoga for over 7 years
    • Over 300 hours of Anusara teachers training with Teachers Lois Nesbitt and Patrick Creelman
    • Over 100 hours training with Briohny Smyth & Dice Iida-Klein
    • 200 hours Ashtanga teacher training and certification with John Scott
    • 500 hours TTC Global Registered Instructor of the American Yoga Alliance

    Specializes in Flow,Ashtanga,Yin and Yoga Therapy courses

  • Rama
  • Universal Yoga RYS 100 hour Teacher Certification
    Yoga Alliance TTC 200 hour in Rikikesh, India
    RYS 200 hour Ashtanga Teacher Certification
    100 hour Anusara Training
    Bikram Hot Yoga 120 hour TTC Certification
    40 hours Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training by the Chinese Pregnancy and Baby Association
    Over 9 years of teaching experience

    Specialization: Basic, Flow, Universal, Hot, Yin, Yoga Therapy, Prenatal Yoga

  • Shan
  • A yoga master once said, “yoga is not for one or two decades, it is for life”. Shan’s yoga journey has only just begun, and she has tried various yoga styles with various well-known teachers. She believes that yoga is the continuous improvement of asanas and accumulation of teaching qualifications. Until the moment she met her instructors, Bela Iipat and John Scott, and came across Ashtanga yoga, that was when she experienced that yoga truly only happened to modest people. She learned from her teachers that an excellent instructor always carries the mindset of a student. She believes that teaching is a kind of sharing, mutual learning, and resonant energy, and that wisdom will emerge within one breath, one motion.

  • Summer
  • Summer is from Shanghai, and accidental opportunity led Summer to become a yoga teacher. She feels extremely happy and lucky that her hobby was able to become her career. Yoga has brightened her path in the journey of life. When her breath connects with her body on a yoga mat and her mind is at peace, she feels as if all her troubles can be resolved. Live in the present by finding confidence and beauty!

    Yoga Alliance 200 hours Flow Certification
    Specialty: Flow, Yin Yoga

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